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Open Data Site Basic Start Guide

The Thurston GeoData Center Open Data Site ( allows you to find and download data for use in your own applications and devices. This data includes GIS shapefiles, .dbf tables, layer files and excel spreadsheets.

There are two simple options for finding data.

The first option is to enter a search term or key word into the Search Site box.

The second option is to select from one of the Explore Data Categories icons. These icons are quick search links based upon the categories that the data falls into.

Either option will bring up a list of layers for you to explore and download. You can also sort or Filter By Tags to further refine the available data.

Information about the data is easy to find and explore.
Once you have found the data you are interested in click on it to bring up the Overview tab.

The Overview Tab shows a description of the data, information about the attributes and related datasets.

Additional information about the data can be found by clicking on the Data or API Explorer tabs.

You also have the option to filter data.
The Data tab includes a view of the table which allows you to filter the data before downloading. You can also sort the table by clicking on a column header.

To filter the data click on the filter icon next to the column name.

A box will appear above the table where you can type in the information you would like to filter. The data will be limited to only information that matches your filter.

To reset the filter simply click on the X in the filter box.

You can also filter the data by location using the map at the top of the page. Simply zoom into an area and only the data for that area will be included in the table.

For more information on filtering see the Data tab help topic.

The API Explorer Tab allows you to add filters and select which fields to include in your download. You can also apply spatial filters and output options.

Downloading data is a 2 click process and can be done with or without filters.

Once you have selected your data and applied any filters or limitations you can download it for use in applications. Simply click on the Download dropdow, which is located on all of the tabs.

Select how you would like to download the data. You will have the option to download the full or filtered dataset and, for GIS files, as a Spreadsheet, KML, or Shapefile. This option also includes a layer file.

Once you have selected your download style. The data will be put into the download queue. When the data is ready your browser will prompt you to Open or Save it.

For more information on downloading data see the following Download help pages.
Download | Filter by Tags | Filtering Results | Overview Tab | Searching for Data | Metadata