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Where are the boundaries of my property?

To view the legal lot lines for a property you will need to locate a survey of the property.

  • Check with the Auditor’s Office to see if a survey of the property has been recorded with Thurston County by calling (360) 786-5405 or use the Public Records Index Online to search online.

To view the mapped parcel lines (tax lots) for your property you can use any of the Online Maps to view parcels on a map. Please note:

  • Mapped Parcel lines are for representational use only
  • Parcels are not survey accurate
  • Your property’s legal lot lines may differ from what appears on the map
  • Parcel lines are mapped and maintained by the Assessor’s Office.
    Please contact them for more information. Call: 360-867-2200 | Website: Assessor's Home