Ordering paper maps

The Thurston GeoData Center creates standard and custom maps to meet your request.

Please stop by our office, call 360-754-4594 or send us an e-mail with your requests.

Custom Maps:

Custom map pricing varies with complexity and size of map. Custom map requests are charged in 15 minute increments at an hourly rate of $96.00.

Small Map Rates (15 minute minimum charge):
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Large Map Base Rates (30 minute minimum charge):
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Additional time required to complete custom requests will be charged in 15 minute increments. Custom map orders take at least two days to complete but timing is dependent on staff workload.

Standard Maps:

Standard map products are priced by size and format.

Shipping Fee$7.50

Electronic (pdf):
CD/DVD Fee$1.00

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Aquifer Recharge Areas(CARA)County aquifer recharge areas & McAllister Springs Geological Sensitive Area35x54 inches
Areas of High Ground WaterAreas of high groundwater hazards, and 300 foot buffer zones.35x54 inches
Bridge IndexBridge locations.35x54 inches
Census Blocks2010 Census Tract boundaries.35x54 inches
City MapsAvailable for Bucoda, Lacey, Olympia, Rainer, Tumwater, and Yelm upon request in various sizesVaries
Commissioner DistrictsCounty Commissioner districts.35x54 inches
County Base MapCity limits, Urban Growth Areas, roads, water bodies, utilities, government lands & parks.Varies
Designated Mineral ResourceOfficial designated mine locations as November 2003.35x54 inches
Drainage BasinsDrainage basin boundaries.35x54 inches
Fire DistrictsFire district boundaries and fire station locations and response grid.35x54 inches
Flood100/500 year FEMA floodzones, and 1996 flood areas.35x54 inches
Geological HazardsLandslide, marine bluff, mining and volcanic hazards.35x54 inches
LanduseLand use designations. Data was created from June 2000 Aerial Photography.35x54 inches
Legislature DistrictsLegislature Districts. Includes roads, water bodies, city limits.35x54 inches
Medic ZonesMedic response areas and response grid.35x54 inches
No Shooting ZonesShooting restriction areas and no shooting zones.35x54 inches
Noxious Weed LocationsCurrent Locations of noxious weeds throughout the County.35x54 inches
RecreationParks, preserves and walking/biking trails. Includes supplemental feature information for each park.35x54 inches
School DistrictsSchool district boundaries and school locations.35x54 inches
Shaded Relief2011 Hydro Enforced DEM & LiDAR Bare Earth Hillshade35x54 inches
Sheriff DistrictsSheriff district boundaries and Sheriff offices.35x54 inches
Shoreline Master PlanShoreline Master Plan classifications.35x54 inches
Sites of Groundwater ConcernAreas of nitrate, chloride and pesticide contamination. Includes landfills and dump locations.35x54 inches
Soil MapSoil classification data. Soil data from USDA, Soil Conservation Service.35x54 inches
Special Management AreasSummit Lake, Nisqually Hillside, and noxious weed containment areas.35x54 inches
Three Cities VicinityMap of Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater. Includes roads, water bodies, city limits and Urban Growth Areas.35x36 inches
Voting PrecinctsVoter precinct boundaries and location information.35x54 inches
Water System Service AreasWater System Service Areas Boundaries (2010).35x54 inches
WatershedsWatershed boundary delineations.35x54 inches
Wellhead Protection AreasNorth county wellhead protection areas and well locations.36x42 inches
WetlandsWetlands and 300 foot wetland buffer areas.35x54 inches
Zip CodesZip code boundaries and post office locations.35x54 inches
Zoning (Cities)Available for Bucoda, Rainier, Tenino and Yelm.11x17 inches
Zoning (County)Official County Zoning Designations. Available with parcels upon request.36x54 inches
Zoning (North County UGA)North County Urban Growth Area Zoning map for Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater. Does not include County or City Zoning.36x55 inches